Underwater museum

Have you ever tried swimming in a museum?
Try something different. Join the adventure and explore a unique museum under the sea.



Enjoy and relax on the beautiful, tidy newly built beach with sun loungers, parasols, aquapark and snack-bar.

Via Crucis underwater museum

Snorkel or just take a swim in the world’s only Via Crucis underwater museum. Explore the museum, which consists of all 14 Stations of the Cross with a total of 52 life-size statues placed at a small depth of 4-5 meters and additionally 8 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ in the form of the 15th Station set at a depth of 10 meters.


Lots of fun and entertainment guaranteed.
The contents of the aquapark are free for use by everyone, both children and adults.

Via Crucis underwater museum

The world’s only Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) under the sea. With a constant focus on improving and expanding our tourist offer, we decided to realize our idea of setting up all the 14 Stations of the Cross on the seabed. All the new tourist attraction. This unique underwater story is our own private project and as such, for its theme, is not known to exist anywhere in the world.

We started the project boldly and completely on our own, completed the project and we are very proud of the results. The permanent underwater museum setup consists of all the 14 Stations of the Cross with 52 life-size statues and a large 8-meter-tall statue of Jesus Christ in the form of the 15th Station. All the statues are set on the seabed at a small depth of only 4-5 meters and the big 8 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ is placed at a depth of 10 m. In this way scuba diving is adapted to all, to the experienced divers, as well as to the very beginners, to those who have never experienced the stunning landscapes of the sea depths. Also, due to excellent visibility in a perfectly clear sea and small depth, statues can be seen by ordinary swimmers, snorkellers and freedivers. All the statues are eco-friendly, handmade of ferrocement. Our underwater museum is located in a small, beautiful cove only 2 NM from Trogir.