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Dive & rescue segment

The broad scope of our offer also includes our help in case of the worst fear of sailors – disaster at sea.

Our beginnings are based precisely on this segment; the delicate matters of towing disabled vessels, help for people at sea, removing sunken ships … We handle the most demanding tasks in accordance with the highest standards. The main objective of our company is based on providing the highest quality services and the constant focus of keeping and monitoring the highest standards of quality for which we have all the necessary certificates. We successfully perform delicate work such as removing sunken ships from up to 100m of depth, re-floating of the vessel, field searches, research, and expert opinions on the causes of maritime accidents, underwater shots, identify the location of the accident, towing of disabled vessels and we offer help to people at sea.

We also perform all other tasks that fall under the dive & rescue segment. We perform installations of buoys, equipping berths, repairing berths in marinas, a preview of underwater parts, cleaning underwater parts of the vessel, repair and replacement of propeller, thrusters, rudders, and other underwater parts of a vessel.
We handle all types of search and rescue at sea, and most of the work is done with the involvement of high-ranking insurance companies and state maritime services.

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