North Dalmatia route

7-day routes

Important: the listed routes are our recommendation, be sure to always follow the weather forecast for boaters and use plotter and navigation charts!
Day 1: Trogir – Primošten (distance: 25 NM)
Day 2: Primošten – Skradin (distance: 18NM)
Day 3: Skradin – Murter (distance: 24NM)
Day 4: Murter – the Kornati Islands, Piškera (distance: 18NM)
Day 5: Piškera – Kaprije (distance: 18 NM)
Day 6: Kaprije – Maslinica (Island of Šolta, distance: 28 NM)
Day 7: Maslinica –Krknjaši bay (Island Drvenik Veliki, distance: 2,5NM)

DAY 1: Trogir – Primošten (distance: 25 NM)

On the way to Primošten it is recommended to visit the bay of Stari Trogir (11NM from Trogir) and to enjoy the sandy lagoon. Arrival is in Primošten with the possibility of an overnight stay in Primošten port or in Marina Kremik that is located in the bay before Primošten (distance 2 Nm). The town is famous for its huge and beautiful vineyards. A picture of one of the Primošten vineyards hangs on a wall in the building of UN in New York. It is being considered to include the vineyards in the UNESCO list of heritage. Apart from its vineyards, Primošten is known for the traditional donkey race which is traditionally organized every summer. Primošten also has the Mala Raduča beach which holds the title of one of the ten most beautiful Croatian beaches.

DAY 2: Primošten – Skradin (distance: 18NM)

Skradin is a small town located 18 km north of Šibenik, on the right bank of the Krka River. The city has an extremely long and rich history. According to Forbes, Skradin is Bill Gate’s favorite tourist destination. The whole town centre is a protected monument. The gathering of Dalmatian harmony-singers Skradin is one of the oldest and famous harmony-singing manifestations in Croatia. It is held every first Sunday in August. The possibility of an overnight stay in an ACI marina which is known for its brackish water because the Krka River pours into it, and as such it is a favourite destination for wooden boats. During the day, it is recommended to visit the National Park Krka (excursion boat leaves from the marina) and swimming under the wonderful Skradinski Buk. Skradinski Buk is the last and seventh longest travertine barrier on the Krka River. It is one of the most unusual and the most beautiful landscapes of the National Park Krka. Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia, known for its many lakes and waterfalls. It was named after the Krka River which is a part of the park.

DAY 3: Skradin – Murter (distance: 24NM)

During the day it is recommended to swim in the sandy bay Slanica. Recommended is also a tour of the islands in front of the town of Murter where an overnight stay is also recommended in one of the marinas (available gas station). Murter is a north-Dalmatian island. Most of the island is covered with ancient olive trees and figs, which are also the main traditional crops grown by the locals. Besides agriculture, the occupation of the inhabitants was also shipbuilding (traditional wooden boats are gajet and leut), fisheries and livestock farming.

DAY 4: Murter – the Kornati Islands, Piškera (distance: 18NM)

Kornati or the Kornati Islands is an archipelago located in central Dalmatia, west from Šibenik and south of Zadar. The archipelago consists of 150 islands and covers an area of 320 km2 (night driving is not advisable). The archipelago was declared a national park in 1980. The total area of the park is about 220 km2 and consists of 89 islands, islets and rocks. Only about 1/4 of the park area is land, while the remaining part is the marine eco-system. The archipelago has no permanent settlements. During the day, there is a tour of the archipelago Kornati National Park and swimming in one of the many hidden coves that are offered. ACI marina Piškera is recommended for an overnight stay. Traditionally, the cuisine and restaurant in ACI marina Piškera were very well thought of from the beginning. In the sea in summer there are fresh crabs and in the restaurant kitchen there is a pool with fish for guests to choose from. After the restoration of restaurants and services, Piškera will have new quality.

DAY 5: Piškera – Kaprije (distance: 18 NM)

During the day, there is a tour of the island Žirje, which is known for its beautiful coves, smaller islands, indented coastline, wooded areas, fertile fields and inaccessible karst. It is the largest of all the islands in the Šibenik archipelago. The name comes from the fruit of the evergreen holm oak, the acorn. An overnight stay is on the island of Kaprij in Kaprije which is a favourite destination of many sailors. Kaprije is a rare oasis of completely clean air that seemed to have been captured in the past, far from the modern world. Access by car is not possible, making this a suitable destination for those who want to get away from noise and spend their time resting and relaxing.

DAY 6: Kaprije – Maslinica (Island of Šolta, distance: 28 NM)

During the day, there is swimming on the islands in front of Maslinica and enjoying the crystal-clear waters. Also, there is a possibility of berthing to a buoy and dining at Šešula bay which is close by (0.3 NM). There is a possibility of an overnight stay at the marina in Maslinica or on the buoy in the Šešula bay (only in case of good weather).

DAY 7: Maslinica –Krknjaši bay (Island Drvenik Veliki, distance: 2,5NM)

During the day there is swimming in the Krknjaši bay (Blue Lagoon) on the island of Drvenik Veliki. Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful and the most popular lagoons in this area. It is known for its white sand and shallow depth. Return to the base ACI Trogir by 6:00 pm.


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