Our Story

The beginnings of the company were based on charter activities and on the dive & rescue segment and with the cooperation with high-rated insurance companies and the state maritime service, we performed the exceptionally delicate work of removing sunken ships. All jobs were always done professionally and successfully. We continued to deal with the initial activity, but we were also persuaded by the generous support of our many charter guests and friends to start a diving school in Trogir.

About us

With the latest diving equipment, monitoring trends in all segments of our offer, focusing on a charter fleet of newer, professionally maintained, and high-quality vessels from renowned boat manufacturers and their professionalism and approachability, we imposed high quality standards and become one of the more acknowledged companies in the field of these operations. Since we are a team led by the spirit of sport, a team of adrenaline lovers, we act according to the indispensable motto „faster, higher, better!“. We improved our offer and expanded to sales of the new Jeanneau motorboats and we made sure that our hall and dry marina cover absolutely all aspects of storage and the complete maintenance of the vessel. Always full of ideas and enthusiasm, eager to refresh, enrich the tourist offer and promote diving tourism, we decided to make our own underwater museum, a unique underwater story for the whole family.

Via Crucis underwater museum

The world’s only Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) under the sea. With a constant focus on improving and expanding our tourist offer, we decided to realize our idea of setting up all the 14 Stations of the Cross on the seabed. All the new tourist attraction. This unique underwater story is our own private project and as such, for its theme, is not known to exist anywhere in the world. We started the project boldly and completely on our own, completed the project and we are very proud of the results. The permanent underwater museum setup consists of all the 14 Stations of the Cross with 52 life-size statues and a large 8-meter-tall statue of Jesus Christ in the form of the 15th Station. All the statues are set on the seabed at a small depth of only 4-5 meters and the big 8 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ is placed at a depth of 10 m. In this way scuba diving is adapted to all, to the experienced divers, as well as to the very beginners, to those who have never experienced the stunning landscapes of the sea depths. Also, due to excellent visibility in a perfectly clear sea and small depth, statues can be seen by ordinary swimmers, snorkellers and freedivers. All the statues are eco-friendly, handmade of ferrocement. Our underwater museum is located in a small, beautiful cove only 2 NM from Trogir.

No Stress Zone – Jelinak bay

Underwater museum, beach & aquapark. The museum has been open since 2017 and in order to make a real little oasis for absolutely all ages, we have built a new beach with an aquapark. We made a place designed for absolutely everyone, children and adults, scuba divers, absolute scuba beginners, ordinary swimmers, snorkelers, freedivers, families, individuals, or groups of friends. Because of the atmosphere, the perfect place to escape crowds and all the stress, an oasis of peace in a beautiful small bay with crystal clear sea and all the content, the cove offers, the name ‘’No Stress Zone’’ came naturally. We have carefully organized day trips and scuba trips so that the site never gets too crowded and everyone can get the full experience of the visit. Our visitors board speedboats in Trogir, and from the 2021 season we also offer departures from Split.
Our base, and homeport, is in ACI marina Trogir and all our charter boats are berthed in the ACI marina itself.

ACI Marina Trogir

ACI marina Trogir, which offers a beautiful view of the city of Trogir, is situated on the northern side of Čiovo between the Trogir bridge and Cape Cumbrijana, facing the town of Trogir. It has 162 berths and 33 dry berths for dry dock. All berths have water and power supply. The facilities of the marina include the front desk, an exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, Laundromat, grocery store, repair shop and a parking lot for cars. Our base, and homeport, is in ACI marina Trogir and all our charter boats are berthed in the ACI marina itself.

How to get to us?

Split airport is only 6 km from Trogir and connects it with many European cities. The bus station is located in the city centre. There are also frequent ship lines connected with Split (25 km from Trogir) from Rijeka, Dubrovnik as well as Ancona, Pescara and Bari in Italy. Our base, and homeport, is in ACI marina Trogir and all our charter boats are berthed in the ACI marina itself.


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