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Diving centre Blue Nautica

Your best choice, we are a team of enthusiastic professionals passionate about diving and fully committed to our work. Check out our Discovery diving package and learn more about the courses.

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scuba diving

Diving centre Blue Nautica

Diving centre Blue Nautica is your best choice because we are enthusiastic professionals who are addicted to adrenaline and fully committed to our work. We are true fans of the sea and everything connected with the sea and we try to convey that part of ourselves, our skills and knowledge to our students with passion. And when we say that we care, we are not just using empty phrases. Blue Nautica team really does care, and our dear participants recognize and appreciate this. And this is precisely one of our greatest rewards!

Here is how we started, our beginning was based on the dive & rescue segment and under cooperation with insurance companies, we performed the extremely delicate work of removing sunken ships.

All work was done professionally and successfully. We continued to deal with the initial activity, but we were also persuaded by the generous support of our many charter guests and friends to start a diving school in Trogir. With the latest equipment and our level of professionalism, we imposed high quality standards.

We are especially proud of the fact that our main diving instructor is a true master diver, and through us, our students can get to diplomas of the most famous international diving association, confederation CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques), PSS (Professional Scuba Schools), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), and soon to the diploma of SSI associations (Scuba Schools International).

Scuba diving

In our diving offer, you have the following available:

  • Via Crucis, underwater museum
  • Discovery diving (Scuba)
  • Courses and licenses for beginners
  • Courses and licenses for advanced divers
  • Diving from boats
  • All-day excursions
  • Night diving
  • Navigational diving
  • Diving in arched objects


Discovery (Scuba) diving for beginners

  • Transfer with speed boat to the diving location
  • Dive up to 10 m with professional diving equipment
  • Professional scuba school (PSS) certificate
  • Underwater photos of your scuba adventure

All included in price:

55 €

Via Crucis underwater museum - A UNIQUE UNDERWATER STORY!

With a constant focus on improving and expanding our tourist offer, we have decided to realize our idea of setting up all the 14 Stations of  the Cross on the seabed.
The project realized as such is not known anywhere in the world. Never before has anyone presented or realized the idea of setting the Stations of the Cross under the sea.

The location of our Via crucis, underwater museum, all the new tourist attraction is in the city of Trogir, Croatia.

All the 14 Stations of the Cross, 52 life-size statues have been laid on the seabed at a depth of  up to 10 meters. In this way diving is adapted to all, as to the experienced divers, as well as to the very beginners, to those who have never experienced the stunning landscapes of the sea depths.

Welcome, join the adventure of this truly unique underwater story!

Our scuba offer

Diving courses

Scuba diver

Scuba diver

Min. 3 dive courses for Scuba Diver


2000,00 kn / 265,00 €

Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

Min. 6 dive courses for beginners


2660,00 kn / 353,00 €

Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

Min. 5 courses for Open Water Divers


2300,00 kn / 305,00 €

What our clients say?

Guest Book

Alyssa Traoré

Together with 2 friends we went diving for the first time. The instructor picked us up with the boat from Split. He was very nice and friendly guy. All instructions were very clear as well. After the diving we got to shower close to the diving centre and it was all very relaxing! We recommend it!

Adam Wyż

super szkola 100% profesjonalna

Laurence Brds

My brother and I tried the discovery diving today and we enjoyed it a lot! Blue lagoon is beautiful and for a first diving experience it was great! Thanks to the instructors !

Oliver Rick

We dove today with 4 persons and 2 instructors. It was very good. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Even if its the first time, it was very easy and cool. It was a wonderfull location at the blue lagoon.
Thank you for this great trip!

Georgina Hopkins

The staff were very helpful, even dropped and picked me up closer to where I was staying! Equipment is amazing well looked after and new! No complaints.

Said Kaib

Wonderful experience together.

Liana Barouttchiyska

After I obtained my skipper licence I booked a skipper training to improve my practical skills and this is how I met Princi . He is an excellent sailor , a patient teacher and during the four hours training he went through different important sea manoeuvres , making me repeat them many times until I excelled in doing them. He didn't spare efforts and time to teach me the best practices on sea . He taught me how to park a boat in a harbour packed with other vessels so well that each time I do it I get compliments from the people on board! Beside his undisputable skipper skills I would like to add that Prinzi has a very friendly disposition , always with a smile on his face and it is a pleasure to communicate with him as he has various interests and a good command of English. Since we got to know him we started hiring boats from the same company and always asked for Prinzi to meet us at the harbour to go through the check list. Over the years we became friends and whenever we go to Trogir we always look forward to meeting him and seeing his friendly smile.

Cécile B

Super moment, une première pour moi, une troisième pour mon ami et nous avons tout les deux adoré! Ils prennent...

Anna Krool-Szostek

It was much more than've expected.

Uwe Lapp

Hi guys,
it was again a wonderful time in Croatia and in Trogir! Thank´s for keeping "our" boat in perfect shape and for your uncomplicated way (... laganini?), you do your business!
You are the best ... see you again next summer!

Boris Pozarnik

Super tolle Erfahrung...hier fühlt man sich sicher...perfekte Organisation .sehr professionelles Team ..toller Service ...rundum empfehlenswert ...5 Sterne +hier wird Nautic zum unvergesslichen Erlebnis

Eva Kouz

Very good diving center, good and funny staff. I dived in the pictures 06/09/2015, but don't have my own fb. It was so good, that I had to comment thru my mother's :)

Ivan Horvat

I loved diving with the Blue Nautica crew, who are professional but also funny. I dove a couple of times and must say that the locations are breathtaking (haha), from the Discovery course location in "Blue Lagoon" Krknjasi down to the deep diving locations underwater reefs, lighthouses etc. Also the speedboat ride is great :P

Bea Flu

Thank you very much for a competent, nice and safe visit at the Blue Lagoon.

Adrian Zaczek

Pierwsze nurkowanie niezapomniane przeżycie, przyjazna ekipa, wspaniała atmosfera. Dziękuję i gorąco polecam ;)

Maarten Ouwehand

I found diving very cool, it was beutiful , and the instruction was very good.
Kind regards
Maarten Ouwehand, Holland

Marco Hazenoot

Diving was really awesome, beautiful views and good instructors that teaches us the art of diving ;)
Well done guys.
Greets from Holland

Wim De Mol

Diving was tremendiously, friendly instructors!!

Esmeralda & Kristof

Hi guys! We had an amazing week with your cap camarat 7.5.
Everything was perfect and we enjoyed a lot the central adriatic sea!
Thanks for your great efforts to make us such great holidays.
Hope to you see you soon!

Musashi Miyamoto

Nice guys! Amazing experience...
They make you confortable even if it's the first time... Next time I'll bring some beer to party after that!!!
See U next year!!!

Pat Beyer

Amazing day- great guys- great value!!!
The instructors were friendly but very serious about safety. You felt safe but discovering new things.

Elwira Świtalska

You are great and cool as well hmmmm sometimes crazy but that's nice!

Radosław Husaria

The best Diving Center in Croatia. Friendly, professional and supporting Staff. Thank you for showing amaizing Croatia!

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